“Poverty; economic, social and spiritual, is a scourge, whether it is here in the North East, or in Lesotho, Burundi or Romania. It has to be confronted and tackled. But this has to be done by all sectors of society working together. The Church has a key part to play in this and we must play it to the full" - Bishop Paul Butler 



We believe the local church is uniquely placed to respond to local issues. Starting with the assets of the churches and people in Durham Diocese, we seek to build relationships that allow our communities and churches to flourish together.

Our Values.

We are passionate about the dignity and worth of each individual who is made in the image of God and believe that people can be impoverished in different ways, through a poverty of resources, relationships and identity. We believe that by releasing the assets within communities and churches within them we can promote human flourishing and help to challenge social injustice.

Our Aims.

We recognises that all churches will have different starting points and context however we aim to;

  • Enable communities and churches to develop and strengthen their understanding of each other.
  • Support individuals and congregations to prayfully analyse and reflect
  • Build the capacity of church based social action through training, partnerships and support to access resources.
  • Challenging social injustice, by facilitating networks where real-life stories can be shared with policy makers.