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Know your church know your neighbourhood

The opportunity to dig deep and discover the gifts in your church and community

Know Your Church, Know Your Neighbourhood (KYCKYN) is a facilitated process which helps churches think about themselves in relation to the local communities they seek to serve. Designed by the Diocese of Birmingham, it’s a way for churches to make prayerful and informed decisions about their mission in those communities.

The process gives a small group of church members the tools to reflect on how their church is seen by others, celebrate its strengths, have a deeper understanding of its needs and listen to the wider community. By sharing the findings with the wider congregation, it can make prayerful decisions about how to respond.

Although KYCKYN can be adapted, the core aims of the process remain the same. By taking part in KYCKYN we want churches to be able to:

1. Develop a vision for their neighbourhood, as they begin to think about what a flourishing neighbourhood might look like and how God might be seen in it.

2. Understand the place of their church within the community, as they think about and collect information on how their church looks, feels and interacts with people outside of the church.

3. Learn about their local neighbourhood, finding out more about its strengths and needs through a process of collecting data and listening to local people and organisations.

4. Develop an active response, as they prayerfully reflect on all they have learnt.

Our team have supported a growing number of churches through the process, both in full, and adapted for those who find themselves in vacancy. Please contact us if you feel the time is right for your church to take time to discern God’s Mission in your parish, and faithfully respond. To find out more please get in touch.

getting to know our local community has really help us in our discipleship and mission

Congregant, Horden

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