Responding to issues of Poverty is a Theological imperative

We believe that responding to poverty and social justice is a profoundly theological task, we believe that when you respond with compassion to meet local needs, when you respond with compassion to maintain another persons dignity by helping them use their gifts, these are theological actions. It is from our faith, a faith in a transforming God, a transforming God who cares for communities, human persons and flourishing that we are called to share in this work with you.

Spending time to think theologically about mission work amongst our communities is something we continue to do, and something we would like to continue to share with you and for you to participate in with us.

We will endeavour to create opportunities to reflect on our faith in the ongoing conversations, events and opportunities of Communities together Durham. We may from time to time publish resources to help you in your own theological reflections, similarly we would love to receive your reflections, poems, prayers that emerge from your own compassions and motivations and actions in your community.

'But Lord, when did we see you....'

Matthew 25: 44