Food Poverty

Food poverty is a day-to-day reality for more and more people in the UK and one in five parents say they have skipped meals so their children could eat. And the problems are often worse during the school holidays.

Communities Together Durham works in a host of different ways to tackle food poverty. From organising Holiday Clubs for families whose children receive free school meals, to providing expertise, help and advice to groups setting up food banks and local initiatives.

Our Update Holiday club guidance is published here Holiday Clubs Guidance for 2020

If you are thinking of offering some holiday activities in 2021 and funding is an issue, or we can support you in another way, please do contact us. Theres more information on the dedicated page on this site, just follow the link below!

Growing your own?

Another way we have seen churches and groups respond to Food Poverty is to grow their own food, using their church grounds, there are number of groups using church or public spaces to grow sustainable food around the Diocese, all of which have so many community benefits. We are interested in hearing about what you are doing, and sharing your food growing stories.

If you are interested in finding out more, please do contact Ray on the details below

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Raised Beds being made in Norton

A number of fantastic projects happen in the Diocese, that address the issues of food poverty in a number of ways.

From Refuse Durham who have been reusing food going to waste and selling it in their pay as you feel café in Chester le Street

To the St Aidans Kitchen in Hartlepool who have a community kitchen and lunch for anyone who requires it

We know there are many more of you developing food and hospitality projects in the Diocese, and thank you for doing this, for feeding people and challenging the causes of food poverty in the North East