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Citizens Tyne and Wear

One of the way in with Communities Together Durham are part of affecting change for many people in the North East is through Community Organising. In the North East, one of the organisers of this is Citizens UK (there are also other local proponents of Community organising in Hartlepool and Middlesbrough)

Some of our team are involved in Tyne and Wear Citizens, a branch of Citizens UK, and been part of local actions in Tyne and Wear to enable the Metro to be safer, to campaign for better working conditions, including the successful result of causing two north east universities to commit to paying a living wage.

Citizens UK in the north east have held mayoral assemblies to hold those about to become Mayors to account, they have conducted gatherings to push for change in regard to mental health.

Citizens in the North east have also pushed for action after hearing that school children do not see the 'leftover' money from their allocations on free school meals. This was picked up by the BBC in articles here

A short Video about this campaign is in this link:

To find out more about the work of Citizens UK in the North east, their campaigns and how you might like to find out more, you can find them at this link: This is also the place to find out how you as an individual or organisation can get involved.

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